• Voiceovers: We've logged thousands of hours in voice sessions here and know how to get the right performance for your project. We have longstanding relationships with a large pool of voice actors and can help you with casting or any other aspect of production, from script preparation through mastering. 
  • Music: Any style, any instrumentation, custom or stock, we've got you covered. All aspects of production. 
  • Audio Postproduction for Video: We love working audio to picture. Postscoring - sound design - foley.
  • Location Recording: We have the equipment and the knowhow. 
  • Vintage Analog Synthesizers: One of Mike's personal passions. He owns a number of classic analog modular synths as well as some of the new generation of hardware. Check out Mike's personal art music website for more info on what he's doing with these wonderful instruments.  
  • Acoustical Treatment: Sound blocking, absorption and diffusion. We can design and instal architectural solutions for structural sound problems.
  • Live Sound Reenforcement: We have a portable sound system that can cover anything up to a theater sized space. 
  • Audio Repair and Restoration: If it's fixable, we can fix it. We can also bring new life to old and imperfect recordings. 
  • Related Services: Our core competencies all revolve around sound in one way or another, but we've also provided video, photography, copy writing, art direction and general project management. If there is any way in which we can be of service to you, that's what we want to provide.