Mike started out as a self-taught musician who eventually went on to receive a Classical degree in music composition. After college, he launched his custom music production studio, Intuitive, and within a few short years had branch out into all aspects of sound work. Over the years, Mike has remained active in music composition and production, not only for his many clients, but also for himself. If you're interested in his personal music work, please visit Mike's art music site at www.mikeolsonmusic.com

Mike is passionate about sound and brings his artist's perspective to all of his audio production work. "Voiceovers, sound design, editing, it's all music. I approach custom audio production with a musical ear. I can hear when something feels wrong, even in a highly technical voiceover read. I can feel it, identify the specific problem and take action to correct it with the actor." 

Mike chose the name Intuitive for his company, because intuition or more specifically an innate musical sensibility, is at the heart of his creative process. Though there are a great many technical skills involved in the work Mike does, he never allows the technical aspects of the process to get in the way of human expressivity. The finished product must be more than just correct. It has to feel right. The standard is always perfection. 

Mike is a life-long resident of the Twin Cites area. He lives and works in the Whittier community, which is just South of downtown Minneapolis.